VLAN8 - Printing from OSX

Via /wiki/spaces/IOD/pages/10095273 clients can print to the printer server (which has a leg in this network). Note that direct printing is not permitted and restricted by Access Control Lists.

Step-by-step guide

Launch System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners

Click the + (add) button.

If this is your first time adding a Queen's College printer right click (or Ctrl + Click if you have not configured a right mouse click on your Mac) in the toolbar (to the right of 'Windows') and from the menu that appears click Customize Toolbar...

From the window that appears click and drag the 'Advanced' icon into the toolbar as shown in the screenshot. Then click Done.

With the Advanced tab selected, from the Type drop down menu select 'Windows printer via spoolss', in the URL enter the address of the printer that you want to connect to (common addresses in the table below), in the Name box enter a descriptive name for the printer and then in the Use drop down menu click 'Select Software'.

PrinterURLDriverAdditional settings
IT Office A3 Coloursmb://qc-vprint01.queens.ox.ac.uk/IT_Office-A3-ColourHP Color LaserJet 5550
  • Duplex Unit = ticked
  • Tray 3 = ticked
  • 256MB RAM = ticked
IT Office A4 Coloursmb://qc-vprint01.queens.ox.ac.uk/IT_Office-A4-ColourHP Color LaserJet CP3505
  • Duplex Unit = ticked
  • Tray 3 = ticked
  • 384MB RAM = ticked
  • Nearest Size & Scale = ticked
College Office Photocopiersmb://qc-vprint01.queens.ox.ac.uk/College_Office-MFD

Canon iR-ADV C5250/5255

  • Cassette Feeding Unit = On
  • Output Options = Booklet Finisher J1
  • External Puncher = 2/4 Holes (French)
Old Members Photocopiersmb://qc-vprint01.queens.ox.ac.u/Old_Members_Office-MFD

Canon iR-ADV C3320

  • Cassette Feeding Unit
  • Inner Finisher-G1
  • 3 Way Unit

From the window that appears select the driver which corresponds to the printer you are using (referring to the table above). Click OK.

With the printer now configured click Add.

Depending on the printer that you are connecting to you maybe prompted for additional options, refer to the table in the steps above and tick/select the appropriate options (e.g. ticking the box for a Duplex Unit) and then click OK.

Your printer is now configured for use.

The first time you print to the device you will be prompted for your Queen's College username (prefixed by queens\) and password, once you have entered these details make sure you tick the box to save the password to your keychain for later use.